Detail Map Of Greece:

Greece is a country in Balkans. Athens is the capital of Greece.

  • Total Area: 131,957 km?2;
  • Population: 10.74 million
  • Language: Greek

Greece Map

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Greece is a land of high mountains. They start in the northwest of the country and then extend to the southeast until they slip under the waves. Their peaks regularly destroy the surface and form thousands of islands, making the Greek waters famous. These mountains divide the continent into a series of small habitable valleys and plains that determine the distribution of villages and towns in the landscape, forming a network of precipitation patterns and roads. This fragmented landscape left many environmental conditions in Greece, many of which were not suitable for large-scale modern agriculture and therefore returned to a "wild" state of rock. It may not be the idyllic rural landscape imagined by the Pre-Raphaelites, full of bloodthirsty streams and darkly spotted forests, but in primitive and untamed condition it is magnificent and endless. The coast contains some of the best bays, European beaches and coves.

Map of Ancient Greece

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Traditions Greece

The fragmented nature of the Greek landscape separates the long-term residents from each other and, as a result, different regions have developed their own traditional folk styles, such as dance, weaving, woodcarving, silver smiting, idol painting and pottery making. Traditional Greek instruments are more closely linked to the East than to the West, so their voices have a certain Arabic or Persian tone.

Places to visit in Greece

Santorin is a diamond of the Aegean. Thousands of people are attracted to the beauty of the island every year. This spectacular and beautiful place is one of the most beautiful places on all Greek islands. Nafplio is the playground of the elite of Athens. The Ottoman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetians, etc. have left their mark on this small coastal metropolis. The castle and fortress are located on the hillside and give Nafplio a seductive charm.

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