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Ghana is a country in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Accra is the capital of Ghana.

  • Total Area: 238,535 square kilometers.
  • Population: 28.83 million.
  • Language: English

Ghana Map

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Almost 50% of the height of Ghana prepared by the world's largest artificial lake (Walter Lake) is less than 499 feet (152 meters). The highest mountain of the country, Mount Afadjato, rose to 880 m, its lowest point is 0 m in the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana's coast is low and sandy, is backed by plains and bushes, and intersects with several rivers and streams, most of which can only be navigated by canoes. The tropical rainforest belt (central and eastern) is surrounded by dense forests, many streams and rivers that extend from the coast to the north. In the north of the region, the land is between 91 and 396 m above sea level and is covered by low bushes, park-like savannas and sporadic grass. The Volta Lake was formed by the Akosombo Dam and completed in 1965. He is the largest reservoir in the world in terms of area and the fourth largest reservoir in terms of area. It is located entirely in Ghana and covers an area of approximately 3,275 square miles (8502 square kilometers).

Culture Ghana

The people of Ghana are warm and friendly. They are polite, open and trusting - even for strangers. Ghanaian society traditionally lives at a relaxed pace and sees time as a series of events, not hours or minutes. They value dignity and appropriate social behavior. Personal behavior affects the entire family, social groups and communities. Therefore, everyone should be respected, dignified and attentive in almost all walks of life.

Places to visit in Ghana

West Africa is a beautiful place, Ghana is next to the Gulf of Guinea. It is known for its beautiful setting right on the sea and the lively people there. There are many attractions to visit in Ghana. Ghana's most common beaches are located around Kokrobite.

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