Detail Map Of Gambia:

Gambia is a small state in West Africa. Banjul is the capital of Gambia.

  • Total Area: 11,295 km?2;
  • Population: 2.101 million 
  • Language: English

Gambia Map

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Gambia is a small and narrow country whose borders seem to follow the meandering Gambia River. Almost 10% of the country is covered with less than 48 km of water. The Gambia River itself is one of the main rivers in Africa. It extends 1,130 kilometers northwest of Guinea and extends to the Atlantic in Banjul City. You can search about half of this length. The rest of Gambia is a grass and tree plain, and Guinea's mangroves cover the entire landscape as you approach the coast.

Culture in Gambia

There are indeed differences in the way weddings are held in different races, but Islam is the primary guide to such rituals. Christianity recognizes that certain cultural practices must be tolerated as long as the principles of the One God are respected. The culture and traditions of the Gambia are more a mosaic of cultural overlaps. Although urban immigration, development projects and the modernization of women in Salahler are bringing more and more Gambians into the customs and values of the West, the traditional emphasis on the extended family and the clothing and celebrations of indigenous peoples remains a daily occurrence.

Places to visit in Gambia

The Albert Market is located in the capital Banjul. From 8 to 19 o'clock the event was full of enthusiasm. The market is well-known for ethnic fabrics, wooden masks and other handicrafts as well as fresh products from the surrounding villages and towns. The Arch is one of the most popular tourist attractions near the capital of Gambia and known for its rooftop urban landscape. In the museums near the monument visitors often do not come to see the handwritten text of the President's succession.

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