Detail Map Of Gabon:

Gabon, a country on the Atlantic coastline of Central Africa. Libreville is the capital of Gabon.

  • Total Area: 267,668 km?2;
  • Population: 2.025 million

Gabon Map

Detailed political map of Gabon with cities. Gabon detailed political map with cities.

Gabon is located on the Atlantic coast of Central Africa and is bordered by Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and Equatorial Guinea. Gabon and the land that spans the equator may have a unique contrast. Most of the landscape reflects Gabon's main river, the influence of Ogooue, the main river in West Africa between Congo and Niger. The Oguve basin accounts for two thirds of the eastern part of the country. There are two other smaller areas in the Gabonese countryside, the Wolu-Ntem catchment area in the north and an interesting coastal plain in the west and southwest.

Traditions and Culture Gabon

The history of Canadian culture is similar to that of other former French colonies in Africa. Poetry is an important element in Gabon's life. Art is an important pillar of the community and can be seen in the traditional creations of masks, sculptures and musical instruments. The Gabonese are very spiritual people. In fact, their traditions focus mainly on worship and the afterlife of the Arad. Before the arrival of the Westerners, art for art was a foreign word in African culture. Prior to colonization, Gabonese considered music, musical instruments, masks, sculptures and tribal dances as ceremonies and worship. Traditional instruments such as balafin, harp, bow, drum, rattle and bell are said to evoke various spirits, each of which corresponds to a particular ritual. Masks and sculptures are mainly used for treatment procedures, consultations and initiation ceremonies.

Places to visit in Gabon

Gabon is also known as "the last Eden on earth" and a nation is located on the picturesque African Atlantic coast at the equator. Here you will find lush forests, a variety of wildlife, pristine and stunning landscapes, beautiful white sand beaches, roaring rivers and more natural attractions. Loango National Park, the most notable park in the 13 national park systems. A fabulous fishing village in Gabon, about 75 kilometers from the exotic rainforest of Central Africa.

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