Detail Map Of Ethiopia:

Ethiopia, the country in the Horn of Africa. Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia.

  • Total Area: 111.04 million square kilometers
  • Population: 1.05 billion
  • Language: Amharic

Ethiopia Map

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The largest part of Ethiopia lies in the Horn of Africa, and the Horn of Africa is the easternmost point of the African continent. The terrain ranges from the desert on the eastern border over the first Bach Mountain in the middle and the Mandebo mountains to tropical forests in the south. Ethiopia is dominated by vast highlands with mountains, plateaus and lakes, all of which are divided by lowlands and large rift valleys surrounded by grasslands. The Simeon Mountains on the outskirts of the northeastern part of Gonder, one of the sovereign World Heritage Sites of the United Nations, the hot and enchanting sulfur fumarole in the Darnaquill Depression that borders Eritrea. And a moon-like landscape. Tana Lake in the north is the birthplace of the Blue Nile. The highest point in Ethiopia is Ras Dejen (14,928 feet (4,550 m) above sea level), the lowest point in the country is -410 feet (-125 m) of the Afar low.

Culture in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a variety of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. There are more than 80 different races in this country, each with its own language, culture, customs and traditions. Traditional dwellings are round houses with cylindrical walls made of thorns and spreads. The roof is conical, made of thatch, and the center pole has a traditional Ethiopian country house built in the form of a cylinder consisting of thorns and smears.

Places to visit in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a magical land with ancient and spiritual origins and a long history of religion. Located on the heights of northern Ethiopia, you will find the spectacular Simien Mountains. The jewels of this area can be lost in their extraordinary rock churches and medieval castles. Near the small town of Lalibela there are 11 medieval churches carved out of huge volcanic plates.

Ethiopia States