Detail Of Equatorial Guinea:

On Equatorial Guinea map, it is a country on the west coast of Africa. Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea.

  • Total Area: 28,050 km?2;
  • Population: 1.268 million

Equatorial Guinea Map

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Equatorial Guinea, formerly Spain, consists of RíoMuni (10,045 square miles, 26,117 square kilometers) on the west coast of Africa and several islands in the Gulf of Guinea, of which the largest is Bioko (formerly Fernando Po) (785 square miles). 2,033 square kilometers). Other islands are Annobón, Corisco, Elobey Grande and Elobey Chico. The total area is twice that of Connecticut.

Culture and Tradition in Equatorial Guinea

The culture of Equatorial Guinea, including Riomunis, is deeply rooted in ancient rituals and songs, and the culture on the island of Bioko is marked by the Spanish customs and traditions that prevailed during the colonial era of music and dance, but it is still owned by the villagers The Bubi practices amulets hundreds of yards outside the village, a religious ritual that unites practices of particular pagans. Dance and music are the core elements of culture and religious significance for the life of the local people.

Places to visit in Equatorial Guinea

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St. Isabel Cathedral is located in Malabo and is a peaceful place of worship. Known as Equatorial Guinea, this church is a perfect destination for local architecture and culture. Another attraction in Equatorial Guinea is the Nuevo Estadio de Malabo in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Sports enthusiasts will love the sights of this magnificent stadium. This stadium is one of the cleanest places in Equatorial Guinea. The best place to visit Equatorial Guinea is the Bata Cathedral. This church in Bata, Equatorial Guinea, is a place where you can paint beautiful works of art on the ceiling. Another amazing attraction in Equatorial Guinea is the Malabo National Park. Nature lovers will love this place. The environment is clean and quiet. There is also a restaurant and some activity areas. If you want to cycle and ride a boat in Equatorial Guinea, this park is a good choice.

Languages in Equatorial Guinea

There are three official Languages of the country: Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Equatorial Guinea States