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Ecuador, a country in southwestern South America. Ecuador is one of the most assorted countries in the world. Quito is the capital of Ecuador.

  • Total area: 283,560 square kilometers 
  • Population: 283,560 square kilometers 

Ecuador Map

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Ecuador is located on the west coast of the African continent opposite the equator (the name of the country comes from the "equator" in Spanish). It is 714 km long and N-S 658 km wide. The northern part of Ecuador is bordered by Colombia, the northern and southern parts of Peru, the western part of the Pacific Ocean and the total length of the border is 4.247 km, of which the coast is 2.237 km long. (Ecuador has lost two-thirds of the territory it once reported to Colombia and Peru.) The Galapagos Islands is a province of Ecuador with a total area of 8,010 square kilometers at an altitude of 1,130 kilometers (700 miles) from 89 ° to 92 ° W along the western equator. The total area of the Republic and its territories is estimated at 283,560 square kilometers. In contrast, Ecuador has a slightly smaller area than Nevada.

Culture in Ecuador

Ecuador's unique culture is as vibrant and beautiful as the handcrafted carpets of local craftsmen. The Ecuadorian culture has a long history and includes various local customs and the influence of European colonies. Almost everyone in Ecuador has a mixed background, which has led to tremendous cultural diversity and unique customs and traditions across the country.

Places to visit in Ecuador

Ecuador covers everything from the wonderful cloud forest to the deep volcanoes, the Inca peaks and the Inca ruins between the borders. On the slopes of the highest official capital, the Pichincha volcano, it is possibly the largest destination in Ecuador. Galapagos Island, a unique ecosystem in the eastern Pacific. In the discovery of penguins, sea lions and iguanas in the area.

Language in Ecuador

Spanish is the official language of the South American country Ecuador.

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