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Denmark is a traditionally and standardized country. The Capital of Demark is Copenhagen.

  • Total area: 42,933 km
  • Population: 5.603 million 

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Denmark consists of lowland in very high elevations, with the exception of the hilly areas of Central Jutland. It has an average height of only 31 meters and the highest natural point is Molehoy with 170.86 meters. The lowest point in Denmark is the Lammefjord, 7 meters below sea level. The coast is engaged by many fjords, the largest being in the north of Limfjord. In addition to Jutland, the country has more than 440 designated islands, with New Zealand being the largest island, followed by Funen, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm, the Baltic islands in eastern New Zealand. The country is drained by more than a dozen rivers, including Gooden, Odense, Skane, Stora, Susa and Vida, which flow along the southern German border. Denmark's longest river is Gooden with a length of 160 kilometers.


Denmark has a wealth of knowledge and artistic heritage, and social equality is a top priority for the country. Denmark is a Scandinavian with a rich and lively culture. The Danish Government provides important support in the fields of arts and culture in terms of financial and legal protection. Therefore, Denmark has a thriving artistic and cultural landscape. Denmark is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of social and cultural development.

Places to visit in Denmark

The Rabjerg mile is one of the country's most shifting sand dunes, and winter is one of the best places to visit in Denmark. It is one of the most recommended picnic spots in Denmark. Gilleleje is a famous fishing village, which is very much appreciated by local tourists. Experience the cool breeze, the harbor is an important part of the city. Denmark has many attractions. Helsinger, is a port city in eastern Denmark and one of Denmark's most famous attractions.


Danish is the official and national language of Denmark, and the majority of the country's population speaks Danish.

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Map Of Denmark and Sweden

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