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The Czech, also known as the Czech Republic, is located in Central Europe. Prague is the capital of Czech Republic.  Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic and the main language of the country. The total number of Czech users in the Czech Republic is estimated at over 10.7 million. Czech is also one of the official languages of the European Union. Other languages spoken in the country are Slovak and Polish, and only a small percentage of people will speak. The population is 10.65 million. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country with a topography of 78,866 square kilometers.

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In general, the Czech Republic is a hilly plateau surrounded by relatively low mountains. Adjacent mountains are the Carpathian Mountains in the southwest, the Ore Mountains, the Sudikgebirge and the Sumava Mountains. The highest point is the mountain. Snezka in the Sudeten Mountains, 1603 m high. The lowest point in the Czech Republic lies on the Elba at 377 feet (115 m). The largest part of Bohemia occupied the western part of the country and consisted of a lost from the Elbe and Moldova low basin. Moravia covers the eastern part of the country and is a hilly area mainly drained by the river Morava. The Oder is one of the most important rivers in Europe. It rises northeast and flows north into the Baltic Sea. Due to the lack of natural lakes, reservoirs in the Czech Republic are important. Most of them are artificial lakes formed in closed river valleys, with more than 125 in the country.


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