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Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean and has always been known for its mineral resources, fine wines and specialties and its natural beauty. Greek and Turkish are the two official languages of Cyprus. The three main minority languages in Cyprus are Armenian, Cypriot Arabic and Courbati. English is a popular foreign language in the country. Cypriot Greek and Turkish are the mother tongues of Cyprus. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. The total population is 1.17 million. The area is 9,251 km?2;.

Cyprus Map

A series of very narrow mountains (Kyrenia Mountains) spans the northern edge of Cyprus. Such low mountains can reach up to 1024 m. In the south and west of the island Troodos dominates. The highest point in Cyprus in the middle of the Troodos Mountains is the Olympus (1,952 m) above sea level. Northern Nicosia is a fertile plain called Mesaoria, which traverses the island from west to east. There are many rivers that cross the plain, but there is no water all year round. The river is seasonal and only flows after heavy rains.

Pedieos River Map

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Pedieos is the longest river in Cyprus. It rises in the Troodos Mountains and flows northeast through the capital Nicosia. Then it turned east and hit the sea at Famagusta Bay. The total length of the river is about 100 kilometers.

Dams in Cyprus

There are more than 100 dams and reservoirs in Cyprus, and all the dams and reservoirs are the main source of agricultural and domestic water for the island.

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