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Cuba is a West Indian country, the largest island of the archipelago and one of the most influential states of the Caribbean. The capital is Havana. The population is 11.48 million. The total area is 109,884 square kilometers. Cuban Spanish is the most popular language in Cuba with an estimated 11 million native speakers. Cuban Spanish belongs to the Indo-European and Western-Iberian languages. The language is a variant of Spanish and has many different characteristics compared to other Spanish varieties used in the region.

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Cuba is the country with the largest land area in the Caribbean, and the main island is the 16th island in the world's land area. Some islands (including the island and the red reef dog) extend north-south along the coast. Juventus Island ("Isla de la Juventud") is the second largest island in Cuba and the seventh largest island in the West Indies. The entire Cuban country is relatively shallow and gradually flows into the hills, including several limestone hills on the right. The coastal areas of Cuba are mountainous. In the remote Sierra de los Organos in the northwest, the hills are mountainous and low. The Sierra Maestra is a mountain that stands out from the coast. The Pico Turquino is located at an altitude of 1,999 meters above sea level and is the highest point in Cuba. Other notable mountains are the Sierra Cristal, the central Escambray Mountains and the northwestern Sierra del Rosario. Given its size, Cuba has almost no inland waters. Among the noteworthy are the 67.2 square kilometers of the Laguna de Leche and the 113.5 square kilometers artificial Zaza reservoir. There are nearly 200 small rivers in Cuba and many narrow streams that dry dry in summer. The longest river in the country is the Coto River. 370 km from the source of Estrella in Serrama.

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