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Croatia, a country in the northwest of the Balkans. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. The population is 4,270,480. The official language of Croatia is Croatian. The total area is 56,594 square kilometers. Croatian is very similar to Serbian and Bosnian, but the political developments since the disintegration of Yugoslavia encouraged the three ethnic groups to emphasize the differences between their languages. The most obvious difference between Croatian and Serbian variants is the script, in which Croatian is written in Latin and Serbian in Cyrillic.

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Croatia is located in southeastern Europe and has a diverse geographical area. This crescent-shaped country has low mountains and highlands near the Adriatic coast and covers the flat plains of the Hungarian border and many islands. The landscape is diverse and consists of fertile plains and flat plains in the north with low mountains and highlands along the coast. The Dinari Alps and some of the smaller mountains (Velebit and Velika Kapela) crossed the country, reaching a maximum of 1,831 million feet. The land is mountainous, rocky and steep along the Dalmatian coast and most of the offshore islands in Croatia. With many natural water sources, the country's largest lake, Lake Vrana, covers more than 30 square kilometers. However, the best known are the Plitvice Lakes, which consist of 16 different small lakes connected by waterfalls. The Danube, the second largest river in Europe, forms the northeastern most border with Serbia. Other important rivers are the Drava, the Krka and the Sava.

Croatia Culture

In the Republic there are several different races. The Croat is by far the largest ethnic group in Croatia. The Serbs are the largest minority. In addition to Croats and Serbs, there are a small number of Bosnian Muslims, Hungarians, Italians and Slovenes as well as thousands of Albanians, Austrians, Bulgarians, Czechs, Germans and other nationalities.

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