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Colombia is a South American country with an area in Central America. The indigenous peoples of Colombia include Tayrona and Cumbaya. The Spanish explorer settled in Colombia for the first time in 1499 and began to colonize the country in the early 16th century. The population is 49.07 million. The total area is 1.142 million square kilometers. Colombia has a wealth of nonrenewable resources, including gold, coal and oil reserves. Renewable resources include rich agricultural land and rivers that are increasingly being used for hydropower.

Colombia Map

Colombia borders Panama to the northwest, Venezuela and Brazil to the east, and Peru and Ecuador to the southwest. The three Andes traverse the western part of the country and extend north and south. The eastern half is a low, jungle-covered plain that is overrun by Amazon and Orinoco spores. The fertile plateaus and valleys of the eastern mountains are the most densely populated areas of the country. Colombia borders five neighboring countries. According to the common limits, these are: Venezuela (2,050 km), Brazil (1,643 km), Peru (1,496 km), Ecuador (590 km) and Panama (225 km).

Colombia Language

Spanish is the official language in Colombia. Spanish is the most popular language in Colombia. More than 99.2% of Colombians speak Spanish. There are also Spanish dialects spoken in different parts of the country. The Spanish language used in Colombia is characterized by tight sounds and clear pronunciation.

Colombia Religion

Most Colombians believe in Catholicism. The church is deeply rooted in Colombian society and usually plays a leading and authoritative role in the community and has a major impact on the government. The church usually has no reform mentality, but some elements of liberalization emerged in the late 20th century. The constitution guarantees religious freedom, and the role of Protestants and independent Christian communities is low, but it continues to grow. There are also smaller Jewish and Mormon communities.

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