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The Cayman Islands, the British Isles and overseas territories in the Caribbean. Georgetown. The total area of Cayman Island is 264.2 square kilometers. The population of Cayman Island is 61.559. The economy depends on banks, tourism and other services. The per capita income of the Cayman Islands is highest in the Caribbean. The natural beauty of the island and the excellent climate make it a paradise for tourists. Airports on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac and private airfields on Little Cayman provide easy access for visitors. The cruise ship stops in Grand Cayman and attracts about 1 million visitors each year. In addition, every year hundreds of thousands of stops (visitors who stay one night or more) visit these islands.

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The Cayman Islands are located in the western part of the Caribbean and are the summit of a huge underwater ridge called Kaimangrat. These peaks are hardly broken. The terrain itself is mainly a low-lying limestone outcrop surrounded by coral reefs. The two "sister islands" Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are located approximately 135 km northeast of Grand Cayman. The coast of the Cayman Islands (total) is 159 km long. The highest point is The Bluff, a limestone hill on the Cayman Brac, 47 meters high. About one fifth of the Cayman Islands is of European descent, mainly of British descent.

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One-fifth of the blacks are descended from African slaves. Two-fifths of the population is of African and European descent. Despite the close historical and political ties between the island and the UK, the culture and lifestyle of the Cayman Islands have become heavily Americanized. There are daily newspapers, state radio stations and monthly news magazines. The National Museum of the Cayman Islands in Georgetown traces the maritime history of the island. The Cayman Islands are also near Cuba. As a result, there is a long history, and people from Cuba speak Spanish as their main language.

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