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Cape Verde, also known as Cape Verde, is a group of 620 km long islands on the west coast of Africa. Praia in Santiago is the capital. 546.388. 4,033 square kilometers. Portuguese is the official language.

Cape Verde Map

Cape Verde is only a little larger than Rhode Island and the Atlantic Islands are 500 km west of Senegal. These islands are divided into two groups: Barlavento in the north, San Antonio (291 square miles, 754 square kilometers), Boavista (240 square miles, 622 square kilometers), San Nicolau (132 square miles, 342 square kilometers). Composition, San Vicente (88 square miles, 246 square kilometers), Saar (83 square miles, 298 square kilometers) and St. Lucia (13 square miles, 34 square kilometers), southern Sotavento, including Santa Terea Ge (383 square miles, 992 square kilometers), Fogo ( 184 square miles, 477 square kilometers), Mayo (103 square miles, 267 square kilometers) and Brava (25 square miles, 65 square kilometers). Most of these islands are mountainous and the land is deeply scratched by erosion.

Cape Verde Island Map

The Cape Verde Islands are approximately 650 km from the Senegalese coast. In the background of the navy, the brown and green islands form approximately a giant V-shape. Turn around. The landmass fetter comprises a variation of environment and shrubbery. On the eastern islands - Boa Vista and its neighbors - earth tones dominate. These islands are usually shallow and have almost no fresh water. In the west, the mountainous islands are greener. The highest point of Cape Verde is in the southwest: the summit of the Fogo volcano with a height of 2,829 meters. Although the appearance of these islands varies, geologists speculate that all of these islands are volcanoes and are located in a hot spot where magma is pushed out of the earth's crust and erupts on the sea floor.

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