Detail Map of Cameroon:

Cameroon, a country at the interface between West and Central Africa. Its ethnic diversity is one of the most populous cities in West Africa. The capital is Yaoundé in the south of the country. The population is 23,130,708. The entire country is 183,567 square miles. The English and French are the official languages.

Cameroon Map

Cameroon is a country of about 300,000 square kilometers and is often referred to as a hub between West Africa and Central Africa because it combines many of its physical and human characteristics. It is approximately triangular in shape and has a broad basin to the south bordering Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Congo Brazzaville). Cameroon forms an irregular wedge that extends from the coast of the Gulf of Guinea (the arm of the Atlantic) to the northeast to Lake Tad, 1100 miles inland. Its peak extends to Lake Chad, about 700 miles north. The western border runs on both sides of the Gulf of Guinea and Nigeria. Its eastern neighbors are Chad and the Central African Republic. Cameroon is divided into four different areas. Behind the swamps and lowlands (often referred to as the southwestern coastal region), the country rises to the mountains and plateaus, stretches more than 800 km inland, and then descends to the flat plains of mid-altitude in the far north. In the southwest, a low coastal plain provides access inland to the plateau covered by the equatorial rainforest. In the central part of the country, a savannah-covered plateau rises to an altitude of 4,500 feet. The west is a mountain forest and Cameroon is an active volcano with a height of 13,350 feet, the highest mountain in sub-Saharan Africa. The northern part of the country consists of gentle subtropical prairies, which gradually plunge into a marshy meadow along Lake Chad and the rivers Chari and Logone.


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