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Cambodia, a land on the mainland of Indochina in Southeast Asia. Cambodia has only one official language, the Khmer language. Nearly 90% of the country's population speaks that language. The language is used for government administration, education at all levels, media, etc. Khmer is the second most used oceanic language in Vietnamese. Sanskrit and Pali are two languages that originated in ancient India.

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Cambodia has a land area of 181,035 square kilometers in the southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula, of which about 20% are used for agriculture. It lies completely in the tropics and its southernmost point is slightly above the equator by 10 °. The capital of the country is Phnom Penh. The international border Thailand and the Democratic People's Republic of Laos in the west and north as well as in the eastern and southeastern Vietnamese social republics. The land is located in the southeast of the Gulf of Thailand. Compared to the neighboring countries, Cambodia is a country geographically contact administrative consists of 20 provinces, of which three seas are relatively short, two cities, 172 neighborhoods and 1547 municipalities. The coast of the country is 435 kilometers long and has a wide mangrove forest, some of which are relatively undisturbed.

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Cambodia sleepy towns and communities for its architecture and old-fashioned charm faded colonial pleasant, while in the countryside, waiting for many unforgettable scenery, from the mighty Mekong and Tonle Sap Lake to great remote The Monterey forest heights and the Cardamom Mountains. In stark contrast to the south, the coastal region exudes an intoxicating party-lifestyle hedonism, idyllic beaches and magical islands. Much of Cambodia's appeal lies in its somewhat outdated, vague, time-distorting role. In comparison to the heavily populated countries and economically developed Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia remains essentially a rural society and a regional standing water body.

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