Detail Map of Bulgaria:

Bulgaria, the official Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Bulgaria, is located in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in south-eastern Europe. The outline of Bulgaria is almost rectangular and bordered to the north by Romania and to the north by the Danube. The Black Sea is in the east, Turkey and Greece in the south, northern Macedonia in the southwest and Serbia in the west. The capital Sofia is located in the mountain areas of the west. On the outside, Bulgaria is shaped by a socialist political system. A network of state and communist controlled mass organizations tries to penetrate all areas of private life.

Bulgaria Map

Bulgaria lies on the European continent, has an area of 108,489 square kilometers and a water surface of 2,390 square kilometers and is the 105th country in the world with a total area of 110,879 square kilometers. After Bulgaria gained independence in 1878, it became an independent country with sovereignty from Turkey. Bulgaria has 7,037,935 inhabitants and a population density of 65 inhabitants per square kilometer. The Bulgarian currency is the Bulgarian lev (BGN). Likewise, the Bulgarians are also known as Bulgarians.

Bulgaria Weather

The largest part of Bulgaria has a temperate continental climate and the south is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. The average annual temperature is 10.5 ° C, which is a big change. The lowest recorded temperature was -38 ° C and the highest 45 ° C. The average annual rainfall is between 450 mm (18 inches) and 1,190 mm (47 inches) above the highest mountain range. The lowlands snow from mid-October to mid-May with an average of 25-30 snow days per year. The hailstorm occurred between May and August.

Bulgaria Language

Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian belong to the Yugoslav language. Closely related to Bulgaria is Macedonian. There are still many dialects in Mandarin. Bulgarian is written in Cyrillic.

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