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On British Virgin Islands (BVI) map, it is the most unique and least developed island in the Caribbean, but they increase their attractiveness. Resorts, villas, restaurants and other tourist destinations in this paradise are characterized by luxury rather than expansion and attract travelers who are rich and passionate about sailing and seclusion. The capital is Road Town. The population is 31,196. The total area of British Virgin Island is 152.8 square kilometers.

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The British Virgin Islands are a geological extension of the faulty mountain range in the center of Puerto Rico with a variety of natural features including low mountains, lagoons and barrier beaches with coral reefs and inland ports. With the exception of Anegada, the other islands are hills. The highest point is the Holy Mountain (1,709 feet [521 m]) on Tortola. The long and narrow Virgin Gorda has an area of about 21 square kilometers and a height of over 400 meters. Jost Van Dyke is an island of the island of Saki, which is only 8 square kilometers in size. Anegada is the northernmost extension of the chain and a shallow coral island surrounded by dangerous reefs. Its height never exceeds 3 to 5 meters above sea level. There are no rivers on any island.

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British Virgin Islands speak English, English-based Virgin Islands Creole and Spanish, of which English is the national and official language. As an official language, English is used in public authorities, educational institutions and media (such as printing and broadcasting) as well as in commercial and tourist centers. The Creole of the Virgin Islands, although used in their own country, is almost similar to the Dutch Negro Holland, but should not be confused, as it is constantly changing due to the use of words and phrases.

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