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Benin is a country in West Africa. The country has an area of 112,622 square kilometers, slightly larger than Bulgaria or slightly smaller than Pennsylvania. The former name of Benin was not until 1975. Benin has 10 million inhabitants. The capital is Newport. Benin speaks a total of 55 languages. French is the official language.

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This West African country in the Gulf of Guinea lies between Togo in the west and Nigeria in the east, about the size of Tennessee. The northern part is Burkina Faso and Niger. The country consists of a narrow coastal zone that rises to the swamp, to the forest plateau and then to the northern highlands. The hot and humid climate surrounds the whole country. From south to north, the land can be divided into four main regions. The terrain is low and the sandy coastal plain (up to 10 meters above sea level) is up to 10 kilometers long. It is swampy and full of lakes and lagoons that connect the ocean. The plateau south of Benin (20 to 200 meters above sea level) is separated by valleys along the Kufu River, the Zouhe River and the Wam River, which extend from north to south. There is a flat land around Nikki and save, which is covered with some rocky hills with a height of 400 meters.

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The map of Africa at the top of this page contains most of the Mediterranean and parts of southern Europe. It also covers most countries in the Middle East. It shows the African continent in the form of a surface projection by Lambert Azimuthal. It looks at the earth from a position 10 degrees north latitude and 20 degrees east longitude. Benin is a country in West Africa, formerly Dahomey. It has a coast of 121 kilometers in the Gulf of Guinea.

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