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On Belgium Map, it is a country of northwestern Europe. It is one of the least and most densely inhabited countries in Europe and, since independence in 1830, an illustrative equality led by hereditary legitimate monarchs. Brussels is the capital of Belgium. The population of Belgium is 11.4 million. The area is 30,688 km2;. Belgium is divided into three districts: Flanders in the north, Brussels Capital in the central part and Wallonia in the south.

Belgium Map

Belgium is located in Western Europe, about 40 miles off the North Sea coast in Dover Street, and is about the size of Maryland. The main rivers of Belgium, the Meuse and the Skelede, are major arteries.

Brussels Belgium Map

The Brussels is tactically situated in the north of Belgium, bounded by countries like Germany, Luxembourg, France and Netherlands in Western Europe. Brussels borders the Walloon and Flemish regions and is surrounded by the Sene Valley, some 97 km from the North Sea. The city Brussels is divided into two general sections - the lower city and the upper city. The Lower Town, located in the Senna Valley, is an important center for business and industry and includes the historical heritage of the city. The upper town is located on the eastern slope of the valley and consists mainly of residential and government buildings with the parliament, the royal palace and various ministries.

Language Used in Belgium

The main language in Belgium is Dutch and accounts for about 60% of the total population. The Flemish dialect is almost identical to Dutch on the Dutch border, but some differences in vocabulary have led some to call the language "Flemish". French is another most common linguistic in Belgium. Nearly 40% of the population speaks French. Many Flemings can also speak French as a second language. Like the Dutch language in Flemish, French dialects are mostly similar in French and French, but the differences in vocabulary and pronunciation are small.

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