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American Samoa, the official territory of American Samoa, is an unincorporated territory of the United States, which is composed of the eastern part of the Samoa and is located in the south-central Pacific. It is located approximately 2,600 kilometers northeast of New Zealand and approximately 3,500 kilometers southwest of Hawaii. The territory belongs to Polynesia on American Samoa map, including the six Samoa islands east of the 171 ° W chain. The capital of American Samoa map is Pago Pago on Tutuila.

American Samoa Travel Map

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In addition to the coral atoll, the American Samoa have been formed by volcanic activity in the last 7 million years. Your heart is big and strong. The main island of Tutuila is 135 square kilometers and rises steeply above the deep water inlet. The most striking of these entrances is the port of Pago Pago, which divides the island almost in half. The highest point of Tutuila is the Matafao Peak (2,142 feet [653 m]). The Manua Islands (Tau, Olosega and Ofu Island), about 100 km east of Tutuila, is the second largest island area. Coral reefs are common at the end of the island, especially in Tutuila. Some coral reefs form a barrier to the lagoon. The population is 54,517.

American Samoa Weather

In American Samoa there is a tropical climate with numerous rainfalls. Pago Pago receives about 5,000 mm per year. Most streams carry more water at high altitudes than at high altitudes and do not reach the ocean. Instead they filter in porous basalt. Coastal wells therefore provide most of the water supply. The temperature is unusually constant. The average temperature range is from 60 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius (about 21 to 32 ° C). The average humidity is 80%. The southeast wind is strong, but in the rainy season from November to March, there may be strong storms.

Languages Used in American Samoa

American Samoans have a rich indigenous language and English is a second language. Most islanders speak two things. Samoan comes from the language family of the South Islands and is closely related to other Polynesian languages such as Tongan.

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