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Algeria, a large country, mainly a Muslim country in North Africa. Algeria stretches from the Mediterranean coast to the south, most people living in the middle of the Sahara, which is an incredible desert where recorded the hottest surface temperature of the earth, accounting for more than four-fifths of the land area. The Sahara dominates the country with its extreme climate.

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On map of Algeria is nearly four times the area of Texas and the largest country on the African continent, the western border with Morocco and Western Sahara, the eastern border with Tunisia and Libya. The Mediterranean Sea is located in the north and south of Mauritania, Mali and Niger on Algeria Map. The Sahara makes up 85% of the country and is almost uninhabited. The highest point is Mount Tahat in the Sahara, which rises at 3,000 m. Algeria is divided into 48 Velaya (province) and 1541 Baladiyahs (city, French: municipality). The capital is Algiers, a crowded, bustling coastal metropolis, the historic center or medina was surrounded by tall skyscrapers and blocks of flats. Algeria's second-largest city Oran (Oran), bordering the Mediterranean coast of Morocco and ports, as busy as Oran Algiers, it has become an important center for music, art and education.

Algeria is bordered by Tunisia and Libya. Niger, Mali and Mauritania in the south, Morocco and Western Sahara in the west and north of the Mediterranean. It is a huge country - Africa's largest, the tenth largest in the world, can be divided into two different geographical areas. The population of Algeria is 16,011 people. The area is 65.28 km?2;.

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Arabic became the official language of Algeria in 1990, and most Algerians speak Arabic in several dialects. These are usually similar to the dialects of Morocco and Tunisia. Teaching of modern standard Arabic at school. The family in Algeria uses the Amazigh language (Tamazight) (in several geographic dialects), although most languages are also Arabic.

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