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Afghanistan is a multiethnic landlocked country in the heart of South-Central Asia. Located on an important trade route connecting South Asia and East Asia with Europe and the Middle East. Map of Afghanistan shows that Kabul is the large city.The founder of the Mughal dynasty, the Babur Emperor (1526-30), was a quiet mosque and garden city and the Silk Road was an important gateway for centuries. Afghanistan is an Islamic republic in Central and South Asia.

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Afghanistan map shows that Afghanistan is a mountainous country. The Hindu Kush Mountains, which run through the country from northeast to southeast, divide the land into three separate regions. These areas include the southwest plateau, the central highlands, and the smaller plains of the northern part of the state. Nosak is 24,580 meters above sea level and the highest point in Afghanistan. It is part of the Hindu Kush Mountains. The country has many reservoirs and rivers on Afghanistan map, but two-thirds of the water flows into neighboring countries. The rainfall in the country is very low and mainly concentrated in the northern highlands.

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Afghanistan is divided into 34 states or provinces. Each province has its capital and provincial government under the direction of the governor. Each province is divided into smaller administrative units, called provincial territories, which are subject to the jurisdiction of the district governor. The Afghan president appoints the governor and the governor elects the district governor.

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The growth rate is expected to peak around 2020 and then decline rapidly. It is estimated that the rate will be 2.44% by 2020 by 2050, which will be more than half reduced. The population is expected to reach 38,054,941 by 2020 and 46,699,545 by 2030. There are 59 cities with 10,000 to 100,000 populations. The largest city in Afghanistan is Kabul with 3,043,532 populations. Afghanistan has an area of 652,237 square kilometers linguistic proficiency The Afghan people are a complex mosaic of ethnic and linguistic groups. Both Pashto and Persian (Dari) are the languages of the Indo-European language and the official language of the country. More than two-fifths of the population speak Pashto, Pashto and about half Persian.

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