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RU 007 +7 Country Area Dialing Codes


To call Russia from another country you need to know the RU dialing code. The RU country code is +7. The 007 - country code allow you to call Russia from another country. If your area has an international direct dialing number, please dial the international access code '007'. Country code, city code and local number. After an international call, It takes at least 45 seconds to start playing. With the country code 007 or +7 you are calling to RU. Each country in the world has been given a country code that is used to make phone calls to any other country in the world.

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Dial Codes
Belgorod +7-472
Bryansk +7-483
Ivanovo +7-493
Kaliningrad +7-401
Kaluga +7-484
Kostroma +7-494
Kursk +7-471
Lipetsk +7-474
Moscow (municipal) +7-495
Moscow (regional) +7-496
Oryol +7-486
Ryazan +7-491
Smolensk +7-481
Tambov +7-475
Tula +7-487
Tver +7-482
Vladimir +7-492
Voronezh +7-473
Yaroslavl +7-485